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The MATRIX TOUCH & IRIDIUM system represents the latest BTSR innovation for an advanced quality control of the production.

IRIDIUM3D sensor provides an innovative, unique solution with an easy control thanks to the touch screen display and the multiple functions available for a user-friendly experience.


SIX DIFFERENT TYPES OF YARN DEFECTS DETECTION Knots (nep), swelling & tangles (slub + / -) to detect excess filament, lack of filament (yarn +/ -), missing yarn (no yarn).

3D ANALYSIS - Analyse flat & round yarns dimension with 3-Dimesions (3D) analysis, 5mm visual area.


Additional features:

  • Yarn diameter direct measurement (no self-learning cycle like previous ISSC sensor technology)
  • Direct yarn speed measurement with possibility to include specific thresholds to activate /deactivate the sensor (vs technologies based on yarn speed as input info)
  • All yarns defect detection capability from very thin to very thick yarns (including chenille yarns)
  • New MATRIXTOUCH Touch Screen Display Terminal
  • New PC-LINK WEB Software monitoring


The new MATRIX TOUCH IRIDIUM Touch Screen terminal allows to easy up and optimize:

  • The programming of sensors IRIDIUM3D
  • The system configuration
  • The production monitoring

Thanks to many unique functions, the MATRIX TOUCH IRIDIUM terminal, gives an unrivalled level of flexibility and accuracy.

The availability of the “User Friendly” Touch screen interface allows you a quickly and intuitively program all the needed operating parameters to manage the IRIDIUM3D and IRIDIUM3D/IP sensors in the best way. Additionally it provides a monitoring feedback in real time, in order to manage the machine efficiency and production quality.

primo blocco

"Touch light" function allows a precise and fast using of botton sensor during different procedure: normalization, numeration, off-set etc...

Easy system to change different yarn guide, allows to use the sensor in different textile application.

Little tiny dimension for an easy installation in different application and sensor reading image area of mm. 5x8.

External MATRIX TOUCH IRIDIUM or integrated controllers allows to utilize the sensors any kind of yarn and suitable for many different needing.

Profiling function for quality analysis.


Main Manufacturing Sectors


Textile Yarn Preparation

Main Application Processes

Special application on-demand




ULTRAFEEDER 2 - The latest technologies and innovative materials in a All-in-one Solution. Utmost accuracy in Hosiery, Seamless, Knitting applications.



UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2015
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ISO 14001:2015
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ISO 14001 int
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